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The MicroConnect LED is the ultimate solution for most undershelf lighting applications. Its small aluminum profile fits easily into the smallest places. The MicroConnect actually connects end to end on the bottom of the fixture, allowing a continuous benefit of even illumination without any interruption of light between fixtures. This product is available in 5 standard sizes ranging from 6″ up to 46″ and the extruded plastic protective diffuser is available in both clear and frosted white options.


    – Low profile - Less than 3/8” Height
    – Continuous illumination between strips
    – Standard lengths - 6”, 10”, 22”, 34” & 46”
    – Aluminum extruded body for heat sink
    – Protective plastic lens - Clear or White
    – Easy installation
    – Hardware Kit Includes Bracket, Magnets, & PSA
    – Modular End-to-End connections
    – Multiple Brightness Levels: 21 or 42
    – UL & NSF approved

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