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It is no coincidence our lighting products highlight the most prestigious brands in the best retailers all over the world. Our core business is dedicated to providing unparalleled SERVICE to our Point-of-Purchase display customers in order that they can effectively meet the needs of this demanding retail merchandising display market. In any corner of the world, you would not have to search long to find one of the brand category leaders illuminated by one of Louisville Lamp’s innovative LED lighting products! If we are not helping you already, please give us an opportunity to earn your trust. 

Louisville Lamp offers much more than just innovative display lighting products at competitive prices. Our commitment to supporting your efforts begins with our Design Engineering Team and continues through our domestic and offshore Manufacturing Groups. Our products are then packed with care and attention to detail by our Assembly Distribution Crews. We wake up every morning with your needs as our priority – Maybe that’s why we have become the premier choice and the market leader in Retail Display Lighting. Read on to discover more details about our product development and manufacturing capabilities. 

Our Design Engineering Team is ready to collaborate with you to develop lighting products that best suit the retail application for your project, regardless of its size and complexity. We can develop 3D models and drawings with Solidworks or AutoCad Inventor. We continuously explore and evaluate the latest materials and lighting technologies in order to bring you the best and most cost effective options available anywhere. 

We understand the POP Display Market is notoriously impatient about

getting programs started once your customer (the Brand or the Retailer)

determine what they need. With our combined resources domestically and

offshore, we can respond quickly to your prototype needs. It does not

matter if it is a napkin sketch or a production drawing; we can turn it quickly

and get it right for you the first time while minimizing lead-time and costs. 

At our Louisville plant, we continue to invest in updating our lasers, turret presses and forming equipment to provide you with a diverse set of metal fab capabilities on CRS, stainless and aluminum. In addition, we also provide MIG, TIG and spot welding on all metal types ranging from 20 gauge up to 7 gauge thickness. At our Taiwan manufacturing facilities, we primarily focus on the fabrication and assembly of our LED lighting products. However, we also have plastic injection molding, aluminum extruding, powder coating and plating capabilities. We continuously identify opportunities domestically and offshore to improve our manufacturing capabilities and increase our capacity. We can now produce up to 2000 LED panels per day in our Taiwan Operations. 

Once your parts are fabricated, formed and welded, they are treated to a fine finish

with our appliance grade in-house powder coat line. Our powder line has a 5-stage wash system as

well as an environmentally friendly powder recovery system. These features along with our quick color

change capability allow us to react quickly with an infinite variety of colors and textures, protecting your

metal parts from corrosion, abrasion and ultraviolet rays. 

Our modular approach to our assembly operations allows us the flexibility to move in and out of the project-oriented nature of POP orders very quickly. It doesn’t matter if your order quantity is 50 or 5000, we are positioned and ready to take care of your needs. Our UL certified assembly team can provide you with fully assembled displays, light fixtures or sub-assemblies packed out to your specs, bar-coded and shipped to you or your customer directly world-wide. 

Our solid reputation for consistently reliable products results not only from our high-tech equipment and comprehensive quality control systems, but from the caring attitude of our production team and it permeates all levels of our organization. Our systems and processes are ISO compliant and we are committed to continuous improvement in all areas to provide you with product performance you can trust.

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