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Louisville Lamp’s primary objective of its “Smart Retail” Solutions is to create smart, interactive and well-integrated solutions in retail stores that dramatically increase sales! Smart Retail solutions add value, interactivity and contextual information to shoppers.  This information can be prepared for detailed analytics to track the impact of your program.

Our LCD products combined with our broad range of LED lighting products can provide a much larger and more cost effective merchandising footprint. All aspects of the retail environment are considered when we design application specific solutions for current and future Smart Retail needs. With our holistic approach our products naturally blend into the retail environment and reinforce store branding. We allow brands to stand out from the crowd by implementing a unique shopping experience, creating a customized and eye-popping wow factor in your stores.  

Our products have eco-friendly design which is easy to install, maintain and integrate with amazing functionality and performance. They are also certified and retail hardened to survive shopping carts and harsh alcohol-based cleaning solvents used in retail.

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