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Dear Customers

We appreciate your interest and support of Louisville Lamp. As one of the market leaders in retail display lighting, we truly recognize our growth and success is dependent upon your ultimate satisfaction and our Team stands ready to serve all your needs. Please call us at our corporate office or contact one of our local sales representatives directly if we can help you in any way.


Rick Buehner, President

Corporate Office – Louisville, KY
Customer Service Support
     Kelly Hodges – 502-873-1004 
     Brian Erfurth – 502-873-1008
     Cami Reese – 815-391-3011

Accounting Support
     Rhonda Olcott – 502-873-1020
     Jon Deye – 502-873-1026

Local Sales Representatives
Illinois/Iowa/Wisconsin/Nebraska/Minnesota/ Michigan /N. Indiana/N Ohio

     Tom Gustafson – 815-985-5116

     Tom Martenson – 815-985-4426
S. Ohio/S. Indiana/KY/Georgia/Carolinas/Virginia
     Steve Pudlo – 502-777-0615
     Chad Sandifer – 214-763-7351


     Nick Brown – 215-378-1522

Other Markets
     Tom Gustafson – 815-985-5166

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