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The BW Optics LED linear modules are the perfect solution for backlighting graphics of any size, especially extra large graphics requiring bright and even light distribution.  Each LED has its own dome-shaped diffuser which are engineered to direct the light beam horizontally to create a uniform surface brightness on both fabric graphics and conventional graphics.  In addition to their great optical performance, the BW Optics product is easy to install and to service.  While we still love our large LED panels, it’s hard to beat the ease of handling and installation of BW Optics.  We offer a number of sizes, color rendering and light output options.


    – Excellent lighting option for large-scale backlighting

       requiring bright, even light distribution
    – Extra wide beam angle provides generous light

       spread for challenging lighting applications
    – Modular connecting design allows for easy

       installation and servicing
    – Robust and durable construction design capable

       of with standing tough retail display environments
    – Available in 12", 23", and 46" nominal lengths

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