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The new RT5 LED fixture is one of the most cost effective retrofit options available to replace the traditional T5 fluorescent light fixtures. One of the most attractive features of the RT5 fixture is the integrated power supply which allows you to easily replace the existing Micro T5 fluorescent fixtures using the same power cords and connector cords and even the same mounting clips! This product is available in 4 standard sizes and a variety of LED color renderings.


    – Low profile - Less than 1 3/8” fixture height
    – Nominal sizes: 11”, 22”, 34”, 46”, 58”
    – Aluminum extruded frame
    – Integrated Low Voltage Power Supply
    – Excellent color rendering
    – Easy LED retrofit option for T5 Fluorescent
    – Protective diffusion lens
    – Easy installation
    – Modular connector system

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