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Fabric graphic LED Light Boxes are the latest visual display trend for big, bold graphics that capture a viewer's attention in virtually any retail environment. The graphic used is a silicone edge graphic (SEG).  This tension fabric graphic is surrounded by a thin silicone strip that inserts into a narrow channel on the extruded aluminum frame along the inner edge of the light box. The fabric graphic is stretched across the face of the light box for a taut, wrinkle free appearance. Typically printed with dye sublimation, fabric silicone edge graphics have strong color saturation and are well suited to minimize reflected light. The graphic is easily removed by pulling on a small exterior loop tab that is placed in one corner of the frame.

Designed for indoor use, our SEG Lightboxes are well suited for large format backlit displays for maximum visual impact in retail stores, corporate offices, health and medical facilities, exhibits and trade shows, as well as art galleries and museums.


    – Large-scale, high-impact graphics 
    – Lightweight Aluminum frame
    – Custom sizes and colors available 
    – Wall mounted, suspended or free standing
    – Easy to install & maintain 
    – Available in 3500K, 4100K, & 6000K
    – Up to 60,000 hrs useable life 
    – LED lighting applications
    – Easy to replace graphics 
    – UL approved

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