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Our new iSHO offers the best of both worlds…It is by far the brightest linear LED lighting option in the POP lighting market, and it has an integrated power supply which eliminates the challenge of finding a place in your display to hold the external power supply.  Take one of these products for a test drive and you’ll never look at linear LED lighting the same.  You may want to grab your sunglasses!


    – Extraordinary high-output performance - 4X to 5X

       more lumens than most linear LED fixtures
    – Low profile - Less than 1 1/4” fixture height
    – Long-range optics ideal for many retail applications
    – Nominal sizes: 12”, 22”, 34", 46"
    – Aluminum extruded frame
    – Integrated Low Voltage Power Supply
    – Excellent color rendering
    – Easy LED retrofit option for T5HO Fluorescent options
    – Protective diffusion lens
    – Easy installation
    – Modular connector system

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